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Develop and Implement Environmental Programs

With regard to EPA regulations and or your local state, county, or city regs you may have to have environmental standards in place to meet these requirements.  We have work with the regulators for you, write your standards, and help you complete any monitoring that is required per the regulations.

Acquire Local and State Permits

We can do all the legwork for you to acquire the permits you need to operate your business within the local codes.

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Submit Pre-Manufacturing Notice

Any time you are bringing a new chemical into the US or manufacturing a new product in the US, you need to file what’s called a pre-manufacturing notice and New Chemical Registration.  This is quite an expensive and lengthy process, but with our guidance we can help to make sure all your paperwork is done and that you have the right people with you during any potential hearings with the government.

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Toxicology Assistance

Are you required to have toxicology studies done?  We can work with you to find the right external party to coordinate your studies, whether it be aquatic testing, animal studies, or health concerns related to a chemical you are using.

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Contact me now and see what I can do for you or your business.

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